Why Should I Wear A Watch

You have inevitably once asked yourself the big question: “Why should I wear a watch”. To save you time by reading this blog the answer is simple: A watch is a device that tells you time, that’s it.


Having a watch boosts productivity

It can happen to everyone; you wonder what time it is and pick up your phone. As you open your phone you see that your mate just texted you a funny meme. You open the notification and browse your phone for 15 minutes and guess what? You forgot to look at the time. Watches have a simple goal: Telling time. Having a wristwatch on during your day keeps you from the distractions which appear during the modern life, as you are a notification away from not doing your work. Time is the biggest treasure of life, and management is a big issue in our current times and time is indeed money.


Complimenting your appearance

Not only is a watch very functional, it also complimentary when applied in combination with one’s outfit. The range of jewellery for a man which is accepted by today’s norm is getting wider but is still limited, therefore, a man should make use of the possibilities.  “Why should I wear a watch”, well, a watch not only tells time, but it also tells a story. For example, our watches tell the story of individual products of the African diaspora which are bonded by friendship. A timepiece is a symbol of tradition and history encased within fine craftsmanship, as described in our previous blog. A good watch boasts the wearer’s personality, as a Sergius Ace showcases a young, forward-thinking person.


Watches are reliable

You are rushing to a meeting, as you check the time on your phone you see that the battery is almost empty! Damn it, if only I had a Sergius Ace watch. Where your phone fails a Sergius Ace prevails. Not only are our watches stylish, accompanied by the Japanese quartz movement incorporated in our watches you walk around with a solid piece of a reliable timepiece. The watches are always on time, making sure that you have one less thing to worry about. Successful people know how important it is to buying and using quality products in their lives, so they continue to translate this into their style.


We all know how the saying goes, boys look at their smartphones to check time – men look at their watch, and specifically the Sergius Ace timepiece.


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