What materials are used in making a Sergius Ace watch?

  • The watch core and casing is made from stainless steel

  • We use quality Japanese Quartz Movement

  • Our Sergius Ace face is a Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal Glass

Will the strap fit my wrist?

Our straps are adjustable and designed to fit most wrist sizes. Use the adjustment holes to match your comfort.

Are Sergius Ace watches water resistant?

The materials we use allows a water resistance of up to 5ATM

What does 5atm mean?

ATM or “atmospheres” is the amount of pressure a watch can withstand before leaking. A 5ATM watch will withstand pressures equivalent to depth of 50 meters, or 165ft under water. It is important to note that this is a measure of pressure NOT depth.

5ATM is suitable for rain, splashing and showering but not diving, snorkelling or water sports.

How to Adjust / Resize your watch band

A pin pusher can be used to resize stainless steel straps and adjust pin and collar systems.

With stainless steel straps, there tends to be a set of arrows on the inside of the strap. These show you which way you’re supposed to push the pins out which is really useful. Also, bear in mind that the pins with arrows are the only removable ones.

 If you look at the close-ups of the inside of the strap, you’ll see the clearly stamped arrows. Be mindful though… Doing it the other way might break your links.

 The pins will have a rounded end, and a side with a split end. Using the pin pusher, and making sure you’re pushing on the rounded side, push the pin all the way out of the strap. Repeat until you’ve removed the links you want to.

 Then, when joining the links back together, make sure you put the pin in the opposite direction to the arrow - round end down.

Once the pin is slotted into the strap, use the pin pusher or spring bar tool to ensure it’s securely installed. If you don’t do this, it’s likely to be loose, and you risk the strap breaking and possible loss of the pin.

 To link the strap together, slot the small sleeve into the wider hole on the inside of the link. Then join the links together and slide the metal pin through the holes. Please note that one side of the pins will have a narrow line engraved onto it. This side will have to click into the hollow piece of metal you just put in.

 When it comes to pin and collar bracelets, there are a few different types to consider, such as super engineer straps - but they can be adjusted in the same way.

To remove a link from your pin, use a pin pusher. Much like with stainless steel straps, in order to make sure you’re pushing the pins out the right way, there will usually be arrows telling you which way to push. Doing it the other way round risks breaking the links.

Push the pins you need to remove all the way out.

 We highly recommend visiting a local Watch store and for very inexpensive amount, have them remove the links for you.




How do I place an order?

The steps are:

  • Choose an item you wish to purchase and add it to your shopping cart
  • At the top of the page you will find your shopping cart total and from there you can view or proceed to checkout
  • Once at the checkout Insert your personal information then make a payment for the order

Can I change my order?

If you would like to change an order before it has been shipped please get in touch with customer service via info@sergiusace.com. We aim to deal with your enquiry within 24hrs.


I need to change something on my order. How can I do that?

If you need to change or cancel your order, please contact us within 24hrs on info@sergiusace.com. Once our warehouse has processed your order, we will be unable to make any changes.




What are the ways to Pay?

You have the option of paying via Paypal, Credit Card or Debit Card. Sergius Ace does not handle any credit card information.


Delivery Information


Does Sergius Ace ship internationally?

We do, in fact. All things are shipped from our Amsterdam (Netherlands) headquarters all over the world.


How long does your online delivery take?

From the day following purchase, shipping inside the Netherlands and Belgium takes 3-5 working days with PostNL, while worldwide shipping takes 5-10 working days. Please contact our customer service team at info@sergiusace.com if your watch does not arrive within the specified time frame.

What if my product is damaged on arrival?

If you receive a damaged watch, please snap a picture of it and send it to our email at info@sergiusace.com.



Every consumer has the right to change their mind and return a watch for an exchange or full refund within 14 days of receiving it, as long as the item is in its original packaging. Make sure the watch face and base are still covered in plastic. All returns should be submitted to our Amsterdam location, along with an email to returns@sergiusace.com. You will receive an email confirmation once we have received your return request, and the reimbursement will be processed within 10-12 working days. Please contact our customer service staff at info@sergiusace.com if you have not received an email within 10 days.

Please note that we do not provide refunds on items that are on sale or discounted. Return shipping is also the responsibility of the consumer.


Warranty and Repair

Is there any kind of guarantee?

Your watch comes with a two-year international guarantee from the date of purchase. This includes faults relating to the watch's movement and mechanical components. If a problem arises during this period, please contact Sergius Ace customer care at Info@sergiusace.com and provide your name, address, order number, and a detailed description of the problem.

Even if the product is still under warranty, any further issues will be charged for replacement or repair. Damage caused by negligence (knocks, dents, broken/cracked face), battery replacements, water penetration beyond 5ATM, and tarnishing due to wear and tear of the strap or tarnishing of the case are among the other difficulties. If you're not sure if you're covered, call our customer service department and we'll be able to tell you.