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our first product

Genesis gold

The Sergius Ace story is our story. We are a group of five young men who have a deep sense of love and enthusiasm for watches. Ever since we met as young kids, we've wanted to collaborate on a project together .

We began to realize this dream in December 2020 when we created the Genesis Gold. This was our first and only watch at the time, hence the name Genesis.

Our very own watch company has been established.

First collection

from genesis to revelation

The Genesis Gold was a huge success, so we built the Genesis collection, an unique high-end collection with a wide range of colors.

Our collection was complete with the addition of the Genesis Black, Genesis Silver, and Genesis Rose Gold.

It was time to give our Genesis its Revelations

Grace is forever.

The serene grace

As we neared the end of the Genesis collection, we began to turn our attention to the women of our world.

We wanted to make something that emphasized the beauty of female nature. After nearly six months of research, developing, and perfecting I'd like to introduce you to our first ever ladies watch

The Serene Grace.


What does the future hold for us?

In the future, our goal is to create more successful watch collections for both men and women, grow into new segments of the accessory business, and continue to produce high-quality products. 

Another goal for us in the future is to create a store or a pop-up store where we can welcome you into the ace family.

What are the chances? However, for the time being, we will continue to provide our consumers with high-end, high-quality timepieces.