The Ace Lifestyle: 3 tips to work smarter instead of harder

Designed in Amsterdam, crafted with the best materials which will still allow us to be accessible, and created with the purpose of letting our clients walk around with a great timepiece, you guessed it right, it is Sergius Ace. We are not so different from you, we wake up, work hard and go to sleep. Finding the time and focus to do your daily tasks is a daily challenge, we are so focused on working hard that we forget to take a step back and ask yourself the question, could I work smarter? We at Sergius Ace believe in The Ace Lifestyle and a part of that lifestyle is to maximize productivity and efficiency to get the most out of ourselves. Therefore, today we will share our 3 tips to work smarter instead of harder.


  1. Understand the value of your time

The main difference between hard and smart work is that hard work entails putting in long hours and ensuring that the goal is met, which involves a lot of effort and a physical toll on the body. Smart work, on the other hand, consists of identifying ways to complete a task more quickly while maintaining quality. We believe that time is money, therefore, you should know how to manage your time, you either run the day or the day runs you, and that is why you must know how to prioritize your tasks for the day. Working on multiple tasks at once will cause you to become distracted and fail to complete any of them.



  1. Cultivate your mindset

Avoid your comfort zone and attempted methods. Try to do things differently and experiment with new methods on a regular basis. This can assist you in determining how much time is spent on various operations and how to become smarter over time. Focus on honing your skills and learning new ones. Aim to learn more about various aspects and areas of your job. The more knowledge you have, the less time you will spend figuring out how to work around a problem and the easier it will be to come up with clever solutions.


  1. Become automated

The last tip we will give you today is to become a robot, yes, a robot. Have you ever seen a robot think about what he should wear today? Or a robot thinking about what he should et for breakfast? No, and neither should you, as the only problem you should have every morning is choosing what Sergius Ace watch you should wear. You will have less energy to solve a challenge that is essential to the success if you spend time deciding on something that is not essential to your day. Having a routine or developing habits that allow you to make decisions automatically allows you to devote all your precious energy and time to the most important tasks.


After all, hard work won’t change anything if there isn’t a brain that works smart with it. This concept infuses all of Sergius Ace's designs as we seek to create timepieces that are useful, efficient, and functional. Everything that makes up a Sergius Ace serves a purpose. Every piece has a purpose, from the crown at 4 o'clock to the reinforced mineral sapphire glass of our watch faces, to help you focus on the things that really count in your life, your time.