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Our story

Sergius Ace was formed in Amsterdam, and the name is a tribute to our forefathers, who were servants, as well as ourselves, who aspire to be a world-class company. Our passion for watches led us to build our own black excellence watch brand, showcasing our roots with elegance and grace to become one of the top African watch companies in the world.

In 2020, we started our journey to let the world know about our brand and goal. The brand was formed by five young African entrepreneurs who had a passion to show the world and its people that no matter where you come from, you can always make something of your life.

We've always enjoyed watches, but we'd grown tired of paying outrageous prices for them merely because of their well-known brand name. We also saw that there weren't many black-owned watch companies, so we decided to build our own. All of this culminated in the development of Sergius Ace.


We started this company with the intention of offering high-end timepieces to all of our customers worldwide. Now that we have the opportunity to do so, we also wish to assist all of our African brothers and sisters in Ghana and Nigeria. aiding them in attending school, obtaining food and clothing, and being able to enjoy their lives. We're more enthused than we've ever been.

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Will be purchasing one of your beautiful watches. Love your story and look forward to seeing more products. Very proud x

Carwin Annmarie November 20, 2021

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