From Genesis to Revelations

Uncertainty seems to be the only certainty at present. It’s an odd time indeed and for some there’s little comfort to be found. Let’s do our best to focus on the watches we enjoy today and will continue to enjoy after life returns to a relative state of normalcy.

It was February 14th — Valentine’s Day for the single and forgetful — that I flew to Orlando with my family for a weeklong vacation. We saw “the mouse”, made a light saber, took a Disney cruise, and I picked up a couple watches including the fantastic Oak & Oscar Olmsted. It was a great vacation, but it was already a little strange. The USA had cut off travelers from China and the large groups from the massive country were notably absent in this tourist haven. As I said, though, we enjoyed ourselves and left without incident. And now, two months later, it’s still pretty easy to ask how the hell we got here.

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